Apply for an interest-free loan

Futures for Women (registered charity 313700) operates an interest-free loan programme to support women in need of funding to study a post-graduate degree course or professional training course which will lead to employment in their desired career.

We also warmly welcome applications and interest from anyone who identifies as a woman. This includes, but is not limited to, someone who was assigned as male at birth but identifies as female; someone who fluctuates between genders; or someone who identifies with both, or multiple, genders.

Our application window for 2021 has now closed.  Further information on when our interest-free loan programme re-opens will be posted in due course.

Further Information

Applications will only be considered from women who have been resident in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands for at least three years.

Successful applicants will be asked to sign a loan agreement and supply a guarantor.

The loan is paid by BACS once the beneficiary has confirmed that they have commenced their studies.

Beneficiaries are expected to commence repayment of the loan within 3 months of securing employment.  Full repayment of the loan is due within 2 years of commencing repayments.

Beneficiaries will be asked to supply a short update report once they have secured employment which may be used anonymously in FfW publicity material.

Our interest-free loan programme is a competitive process and therefore receipt of an application form does not guarantee the award of a loan.

If you have any queries about the process please contact our Secretary, Jane Hampson, on