Ireland’s first female bank teller

It is believed that Ireland’s first female bank teller was Louise Nash, who was born in 1900 in Co. Kerry.

Louise was one of a family of 8 children and her father, Henry, was a coastguard stationed on Valentia Island in Ireland. Louise was only 5 years old when Henry died in 1905 [and four of her siblings were under 13 years old], leaving her mother Hannah to raise all her children alone. The Masons offered great support to Hannah and Louise went to boarding school at the Masonic Ladies College in Dublin whilst the rest of her family moved to England [both of her parents were English.] Louise was working in Dublin as a bank teller when she married her husband, William Layng in Kingstown in 1925 and during their married life they migrated to Australia.

A mirror once owned by Louise and handed down to her grandson, David Cassells, bears an inscription on the back which states “Irish Association for Promoting the *Training* [*missing] and Employment of Women. Office 21 Kildare Street.”. This Society provided vocational training for women to encourage them into work which might otherwise have been unavailable to them, the same aim of our own Society established by Jessie Boucherett in 1859.

We would like to thank David Cassells for sending over a photo of his grandmother, Louise Nash, and letting us know a little about her early life and career achievements.

Louise Nash aged 19 years
Louise Nash aged 19 years

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