Could you host a talk by Dr Mary Holmes and raise funds for Futures for Women?

Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy was “a tiny, Jenny-wren like of a woman” who worked tirelessly to create a society where women were free and equal with men, able to choose how they lived their lives and free from violence endorsed by the laws of the country. Born in Manchester in 1833, her mother died days after her birth. From an early age Elizabeth was inquisitive and read widely; she soon decided that she wished to break out of the accepted role and be an independent woman.  But a university education was denied to Elizabeth for one reason – she was a woman. The Fulneck School near Pudsey gave Elizabeth her only opportunity of an education, which she grabbed with both hands. During her life of campaigning Elizabeth became a member of the Society for Promoting the Employment of Women – the original name for our charity – and worked alongside Jessica Boucherett to support women into employment suited to their capabilities, rather than into domestic service or needlework.

A book by Dr Mary Holmes celebrating the life of Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy is shortly being published and Mary is undertaking a speaking tour to promote the book. The proceeds of the sales of the book and the tour are being split between Futures for Women and the Moravian Women’s Association.

Do you know of a social group, business or local network that might be interested in hosting one of Mary’s talks? You can contact Mary on

Read more about Elizabeth’s life on this website.

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