Ffw to benefit from fundraising talks about Elizabeth Clarke Wolstenholme Elmy

Elizabeth Clarke Wolstenholme Elmy (1833 – 1918) was a life-long campaigner and organiser, who was significant in the history of women’s suffrage. Despite being denied an extensive formal education she became headmistress of a private girls’ school and campaigned for girls to be given access to the same higher education as boys. Elizabeth formed the Women’s Emancipation Union in 1891 spent 50 years of her life campaigning for women’s suffrage – the right to vote. She was also an active member of the Society for Promoting the Employment of Women – the forerunner of Futures for Women. But Elizabeth was not a single issue campaigner and wanted parity between the sexes. She was also secretary to the Married Women’s Property Committee from 1867 until its success with the introduction of the Married Women’s Property Act in 1882.

Although Elizabeth’s achievements were recognised during her lifetime she is not as well known as some other suffragists. But Dr Mary Holmes is working to raise Elizabeth’s profile. Dr Holmes has written a book about Elizabeth’s work and is embarking on a series of talks to promote this. All profits from the talks and the book will go to two charities; the Moravian Women’s Association – as Elizabeth received her two years formal education at the Moravian Fulneck School – and Futures for Women, to recognise Elizabeth’s membership of SPEW.

You can read more about Elizabeth’s life and the book tour talks on this website

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