Ex-beneficiary starts her career in a STEM industry

We recently heard from an ex-beneficiary of a Futures for Women interest-free loan who is now developing her career. She said “Thank you again for this loan – it has really helped me set up my career! 

“I am now 2 years into a graduate programme and am very happy doing my engineering work in the water industry and helping to improve sustainability. I’ve been given more responsibility as well – I am now the project leader on a new scheme. This means doing the design in my own discipline (mechanical) as well as being responsible for the project design as a whole and coordinating the tasks of a team. It is a bit daunting but quite exciting, and I’m happy that they have given me this responsibility. I really enjoy being able to see the overview of a whole project as well as just my small section.”

It’s great to hear that our support has help another women start the career of her choice, and especially one in a STEM industry.

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