Jessie Boucherett features in new encyclopaedia of Victorian women published in Australia

When a copy of our book Timely Assistance by Dr Anne Bridger and Dr Ellen Jordan was purchased by an academic in Australia we were intrigued, and followed up the contact. Dr Catherine Layton is a retired lecturer and research into little-known Victorian figures has become her new passion. Dr Layton was born in Hampstead, but has lived in New South Wales since 1975.

Due to her expertise Dr Layton was asked to contribute several articles for the Palgrave Encyclopaedia of female Victorian Writers, including those on Rhoda Garrett and Agnes Garrett, the first women to obtain apprenticeships with an architect and subsequently the first to establish themselves as professional interior decorators.  Dr Layton then volunteered for the entry on the Society for the Promotion of the Employment Women as a result of her research on the Garrett ladies. Hence, her purchase of Timely Assistance.

The contracted article on SPEW was for 2,000 words, but Dr Layton became so engrossed in our founding society and Jessie Boucherett’s work that the resulting article was nearly 4,000 words – and was accepted in its entirety. One of the co-authors of Timely Assistance – Dr Anne Bridger – was on hand to review the article and she was so pleased with the final result that she requested it should form part of our Society’s archives at Girton College, Cambridge.

Further information on the Palgrave Encyclopaedia of female Victorian Writers can be gained on this link.

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