Ex-beneficiary starts on her career journey

We have recently heard from a beneficiary of one of our interest-free loans who used the funding to help her complete a masters at Cambridge University in Industrial Systems and Manufacturing Management. She even competed in the Cancer Research Boat Race against Oxford during her time at university, and her team were victorious!

Following graduation our beneficiary started working at Tesco Head office in Supply Chain. She first worked on projects optimising their ordering calculations aiming to reduce stock in store without effecting customer availability. She then moved on to working with the international stores in Hungry, Czech Republic and Slovakia, being responsible for their supply chain systems business strategy, before deciding to train for a management role.

Our beneficiary said “I would like to thank your charity for helping me on my career journey. I couldn’t have done it without charities such as yours”. We would like to pass on our best wishes for a rewarding and successful career.

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