New statistics on FfW grantees

At our 2016 AGM Trustee Amy McVittie made a presentation on statistics relating to Futures for Women grantees.  Did you know that:

  • only 9% of our applicants are successful in securing a loan
  • 56% of our grantees are under 25 years, and 11% are over 45 years
  • 10% of our grantees have dependents
  • 38% of our grantees are studying for a Masters, but we also fund other types of study
  • 94% of our grantees are studying full-time
  • 32% of our grantees are studying to be either a doctor or a vet, whilst other grantees want to work in law, the environment or the arts
  • 29% of our grantees repay their loan in one instalment, and the average time taken to repay the loan is 15 months?

But the one thing that all our grantees have in common is that they are determined to carve out a successful career, become financially independent and make a positive contribution to society.



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