Two ex-grantees update members on their careers

Lady Appleyard (left) Grace Watts (centre) Joanna Murray (right)

Lady Appleyard (left)
Grace Watts (centre)
Joanna Murray (right)VictoriaLeeAGM16


On 8 June Futures for Women held a networking event for members, supporters and ex-grantees at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in London.  Our thanks go to Emma Whalley-Hands for arranging the meeting room.

Two ex-grantees came along to update the members on their career so far.  Victoria Lenzoi Lee works as a Built Environment Expert with Design Council Cabe on housing and office projects that promote a better quality of life.  In October 2016 Victoria will be starting a postgraduate degree in Sustainable Urban Development at the University of Oxford. Her long term aim is to work with developing countries in planning their built environments.  Victoria has started a crowd-funding page in order to raise funds for her degree and details can be viewed here.
Grace Watts qualified as a Music Therapist in 2011.  She is currently taking part in a trial which uses music therapy with children with Autism.  Grace also works with people suffering from dementia and has seen the profound effect that music can have on the general daily well-being of a variety of patients with mental health issues.

President Lady Appleyard thanked Victoria and Grace for taking the time out of their busy schedules to speak to our members.


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