Radio Lincolnshire play highlights the work of Jessie Boucherett

A radio play that features the work of our founder, Jessie Boucherett, is being serialised on Radio Lincolnshire during the week commencing Monday 23 November, with the full play being aired on the Friday of that week.  Afterwards the recording will be available on BBC iPlayer.

“The Forgotten Suffragette” has been produced by Proto-type, supported by Arts Council England, who worked alongside University of Lincoln and the BBC in creating a radio drama concerned with women’s rights, with a specific focus on access to education, employment and the right to vote.   They were particularly interested in telling the story of Emelia Jessie Boucherett as the company is based in Jessie’s home county of Lincolnshire and they were keen to highlight the important work of a daughter of the county and bring knowledge of her important work to a wider audience.   The piece forms one strand of a broader body of artistic work concerning human rights, citizenship, state power and individual action that the company is currently engaged with.





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